There has been a report of various electrical faults at the Berekum central market, which has threatened fire outbreak.

Various incidents of fire starting at some locations have been reported. The first was reported on 16th of November 2011, and the most recent one, on, Tuesday, 22nd of this month, which was luckily brought under control.

Survey by some independent electricians proposes that the whole market needs re-wiring.

An electrician popular known as Arnold Schwassnaggar with some other electricians has been able to come up with an estimated cost of GHC 1,900, which would include cable trunks, screws, wall plugs and Cables.

They also volunteered to install the new wires free of charge. Fortunately, some citizens had promised to sponsor the whole project. Some of them are Kwabena Kyere Jnr and Oheneba Ansu Gyiabuor.

But latest developments put forward that efforts to carry on with project have seen some hitches which is suggested to be coming from the Berekum municipal Assembly. It’s still unclear what sought of difficulties those might be.

But in an exclusive interview on Shalom Radio on Wednesday 23rd of this month, the assemblyman of Abontema electoral area, Hon. Baffour said, he has reported the fire treats to the MCE, Hon Lord Oppong Stephen and has promised to collaborate with the VRA to fix the problem.

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