The judicial committee sitting on the Berekum case—chaired by Professor Agyewodin Adu Gyamfi Ampem II— sat today. The chairman apologized for not being able to give the verdict on the 22nd of August as announced in their previous sitting. He gave the reason as matters beyond their control.


The purpose of the day’s sitting was to receive clarifications in the addresses filed by the lawyers for both the petitions and respondents in the case.  Lawyers from both sides were given ten minutes each to present their oral addresses.

The respondent’s lawyers, gave their address based on two key issues which were before the panel—that  there is only one royal gate in Berekum and also Dr. Leo Ofori  should be accepted as chief of Berekum since he followed due process during his installation.

The petitioners (Krontihene, GyaaseHene and others) on the other hand, insisted that there are four royal gates in Berekum and Dr. Leo Ofori did not follow the right procedure to be installed and thus should not be recognized as the chief of Berekum.

After deliberations, the panel finally adjourned the case to the 9th of September, 2013 to pronounce judgment.

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