hospital roadThe Berekum hospital road—the stretch from the main Berekum-Sunyani road junction to the front of the Freeman Methodist church, connecting the Biadan road—has been in a very deplorable state for a very long time. There have been various calls on the government to fix this important road to aid—at least—for the sake of emergency, when transporting patients to the hospital.


Works on the road started somewhere in 2011/2012, but was abandoned. During the time there were criticisms on the municipal assembly and the contractor for not following the due processes in constructing a road. This was profoundly led by Shalom Radio.

Recently, works on the road began, Shalom Radio, once again prompted the public on the poor work being carried out by the contractor.

On the 17th of July 2013, the people of Ayakorase and Atanotia  (suburbs of Berekum) prevented the contractor from pursuing with works on the road. Attached, an interview granted by the assemblyman and some of the youth of the area stating their reasons for the demonstration.


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