The Problem

The road network in Berekum is very bad with most of the roads having serious potholes which make utilizing them very difficult.


Salifu Ali Dayinday (CPP)

He said, he would build good road network and use the available resource the assembly has, such as wheel loaders, graders and tipper trucks to repair the already deteriorated ones.


Dr. Kwabena Twum Nuamah (NPP)

He emphasised that the NPP government did fantastic work (Berekum-Senase, Kyeritwede etc) as far as the roads in Berekum are concerned. He would use the same strategy which his government used to solve the road problems in Berekum.

Nana Kyere Philip Johnson (PPP)

He said he would look for foreign sponsorship to repair and build new roads for Berekum.

He would also use his personal funds and part of the common fund to build roads in Berekum.

He intends to encourage communal labour to fill potholes.

George Atta-Boateng (NDC)

He iterated that he has started using his personal funds to fix various roads in Berekum such as Sofo Kyere area, Brenyekwa etc and hope to continue if he’s given the mandate.

He also intends to use the common fund and his personal funds to build roads.

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