On Wednesday 5th May this year, the Berekum Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Lord Oppong Stephen responded to questions on sanitation posed by Koda on Shalom Radio Morning Show.

He revealed that the municipal assembly spends GHC 22,000 on sanitation in a month. This money is given to Zoomlion (the sanitation company partnered with government to take care sanitation in the country) for various sanitation activities in the municipality, he added.

Zoomlion provides two ‘rubbish collecting’ vehicles and 7-10 ‘bulk rubbish collector’ (BRC) containers to the assembly.  They collect public refuse from various locations including gutters and streets within the Berekum Municipality.

He noted that the assembly is refurbishing over 20 BRC containers at the cost of GHC 2,500 per one. These are to aid collection of rubbish at various locations to help curb the sanitation problems in the municipality.

He implored to all citizens to desist from throwing filth around and encouraged all to help control the menace.  He emphasized, if citizens desist from indiscipline acts, it could help save a lot of money which could be used to undertake various developmental activities.


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