The Creator of the whole wide world is a teacher, His only begotten son is a teacher. Being a Teacher should  therefore be a NOBLE WORK. The question is, “are Teachers made NOBLES in the fulfillment of the Creator’s will ?”

 Teachers act as Loco parentis, develop the whole being of any individual who passes through both the formal and informal systems of education. They develop the psychomotor (the use of the limbs), cognitive (the mind) and the affective (feelings) domains and make  persons such as the President, the Chief Justice, the Speaker of Parliament ,the  Minister, the MP, the Lawyer, the Doctor, the Policeman, the Farmer, the Government Official, and the Workers at Fair Wages Commission who they are today.

The TEACHER lives his hometown to that untraceable village and take his willing job as a teacher under poor conditions of service, lack of telecommunication facilities, food and water, transportation and electricity among others, all because he has the development of Mother Ghana at heart . But he is not seen as useful to the nation, so he is made the under-dog who only picks the left over in the share of the national cake .

 Teachers hopes  were raised when the President declared that the TEACHER’s reward will be on earth and not in Heaven. Now the TEACHER is left in a limbo of time. The questions now are, should he quite, join the POLICE (the beloved sons of the government) or live for greener pastures else where ?

The government has soon forgotten that the tree that helped them reach the top should not be cut down unless they wish to have no successors. Unto the government I say, the hen that lays the GOLDEN EGGS has been neglected. It is very heartbreaking the way teachers are treated in Ghana. The Teacher suffers the insults and abuses of some  parents, some section of public show gross disrespect to the TEACHER to the extent that no young woman wishes to marry a teacher. And  most of it all, HE is made the under– dog of Single Spine. What a world is, Mother Ghana?

Teachers should have known long ago that they have been left out by the government’s FILIBASTERING TACTICS  and PUSSY FOOTING around the implementation of the Single Spine. Now teachers cry, who listens to their cry?, None!!!!! . The simple reason is that, the Father (the government) who sang a lullaby that the TEACHER will get his reward on earth has now disappointed him. I would want to believe that the TEACHER’s Single Spine has not yet been implemented or possibly may not be implemented at all, so Teachers should expect their “reward in heaven”.



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