The Patrons of Berekum, a citizenry group made up of great individuals of Berekum mostly living outside Berekum, in partnership with the Purdue Peace Project (PPP) on Tuesday, 12 of June, 2012 at GINNAT Hotel, organised a forum to draw a strategy for Berekum, to aid development through peace.


The mission of PPP is to encourage and assist local leaders to take constructive action to prevent violence in conflict-prone regions of the world. Where local groups already exist, PPP offers to assist them. Where such groups do not exist, PPP convenes local leaders and supports them to take action

PPP seeks to contribute knowledge about preventing violence in fragile states and to disseminate that knowledge to the peace-building community and beyond. PPP documents its efforts, assess its effectiveness and evaluate the results.

The workshop brought together seven different groups; the youth, political parties, media, women, elders, chiefs and the Patrons.

The groups were tasked with eight areas to help formulate a plan;

  • Identifying developmental issues to be addresses
  • Proposing a strategy to address the issues
  • Challenges envisaged in the implementation of the strategy
  • A plan to address the challenges
  • The person(s) or institution responsible for implementing the strategy
  • The duration; short, medium and long term  times to address the issues
  • The resource needed to implement the strategies
  • The indicators to lookout if the strategies are yielding.

The various groups came up with various ideas and plans to help develop Berekum.

After several deliberations three keys area were prioritized.

  • The chieftaincy issue
  • Education
  • Infrastructural development.

A member from each group was picked to form a committee, who would formulate a collective plan reflecting all the suggestions gathered at the workshop for action.

The Function was chaired by Osahene Kwaku Aterkyi II, Kukuomhene and President of Brong Ahafo Regional House of Chiefs.




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