Evg. Paul Osei AgyemanThe Berekum Municipal Assembly has served a letter dated 24th May 2012, to Evangelist Paul Osei Agyeman, leader of Berekum Development club and Director of Shalom Radio and TV, Berekum, expressing their reservation at the manner in which he has been and tried tampering with some properties of the assembly particularly the Golden City Park, in recent times.

The executive committee of the Assembly at a meeting on 22nd May, 2012, resolved that he can’t work on any property of the Assembly either through appeals or any other means but by writing formerly to the Assembly for permission.

The letter further cautioned that Evangelist Paul Osei Agyeman should desist from touching any assembly property without formal approval from them.

This whole issue has risen because the owner of Shalom Radio and Shalom TV, Mr. Paul Osei Agyeman initiated works to revamp the Berekum Golden city park and intend to grade and tar some roads with the help of the People of Berekum and some private construction works in Berekum. Since he thinks the bureaucracy at the assembly is retarding the development of Berekum

Mr. Osei Agyeman alias Agyapa-Sei on Thursday 26th of January, opened his medium-Shalom Radio, to solicit for funds for the renovation of the Berekum Golden City Park.

Berekum Chelsea, the premier league champions for 2010/2011, was to play CAF championship in Berekum on 19th February, 2012, but the stadium was not yet up to standard.

Works were far behind scheduled as the municipal assembly intends to renovate the stadium. The stadium needed a standard dressing room, VIP stand and a press box. None of these facilities were in place, when it was less than a month to start the games.

With the benefits envisioned coming to Berekum as a result of the games, Agyapa-Sei with other citizens of Berekum deemed it necessary to contribute and start building these facilities before the deadline. Some citizens also provided man-power to help complete the project.

A lot of people contributed toward this course and as a result, the Golden City Park was upgraded to standard.

And because of that, the match came off on the Golden City Park.

Agyapa Sei was on negotiations with various citizens of Berekum to help acquire a scoreboard and flood lights for the Berekum Golden City Park, when he received this directive. He expressed his disappointment at the assembly's choice of words expecially, 'Tampering'.




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