A 2 year old boy by name, Osman Zakara met his sudden death this morning 21st of June, 2012 when he fell from a school bus on their way to school in Berekum.

Witness say, the door of the school bus was not in a good shape. The bus was approaching a place with crowded stones in between the linked-road from Senase to Biadan near Berekum, when the door fell off the car. Osman who was sitting on the laps of his school teacher (Madam Naomi) closed to the car door; fell along with the door to the ground.


Osman had a deep cut on his head but observers were not sure whether the cut was as a result of his head hitting on the crowded stones or the bus door which fell on his head.

Osman is a nursery pupil of Modern Educational Complex. Miss Naomi could not narrate the incidence as she was grieved and finding it difficult to talk.



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