Wonders, as it is always said; shall never end; one may ask what the matter is really?

The Gyaashene of Berekum, Nana Okofo Dartey was shocked on Saturday the 17th of June 2012 when he received a video disk showing the naked video of some female citizens in Berekum.

According to Nana, his elders and him were gathered discussing issues at their usual sitting place near the Berekum central market, when he, himself saw a goat, released something from its mouth close to their sitting place. He therefore ordered for the dropped item. Surprisingly, they found out that it was a compact disk (CD) and after watching the CD, realised it was naked videos of some female citizens in Berekum. On NSEM PII, a show on Agoro Fm a Berekum radio station, the host, Akwasi Boafo interviewed Nana to find out whether the rumour in town was a myth, but Nana confirmed, “it is a fact, I saw it myself”. Nana further said, he was stunned since he has never seen or witness such an incidence before in his life and wondered who sent the goat?

Gyaasehene stated that he has informed some pastors in Berekum to pray for the town and its citizens since there are many things going in Berekum these days which is beyond imagination and he believes that poverty is a major contributor to some of these acts. He also called on all Muslims to pray for the town when they go to their mosques on Friday for prayers.

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