stu blind stickThe Electrical and Electronic Engineering department of the Sunyani Technical University (STU) has held it Maiden Exhibition of some projects the department has undertaken in solving pertinent problems in the country.

The event was held on Thursday, 18th of May 2017 at the Nsia Gyabaa Auditorium at the University. Speaking at the function, the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dr. Solomon Korantwi-Barimah said, the initiative of the department is a great and timely one, because the university has chosen the department as it Flagship department (programs) with the aim of making STU as the preferred institution for the best technical, practical hands-on education when it comes to Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Ghana. He therefore encouraged students and the public to choose the university in their quest to get quality and employable education.

Some of the projects exhibited include;

  • A density based traffic light control system (which automatically gives high priority to lanes with high density(volume) of vehicular traffic)
  • An Intelligent waking stick (A walking stick that can guide the blind, the deaf and the dumb)
  • Automatic room light control system (which helps conserve energy by turning lights in a room off when there is no human presence and coming on when a human enters automatically)
  • Automatic water level controller (which automatically turns off water filling a tank when the tank is full and starts when the water goes below a predetermined level)
  • Wireless Power transfer system (which can turn on a lamp without a physical cable connection)
  • Automatic moisture content controller (which checks the moisture level in a soil and turns on water if the moisture is below an acceptable level and turns off when moisture content is ok)
  • An electronic real time voting systems (which gives result to an election immediately after the last ballot cast)

The above and several other (over 20) projects were exhibited.

In attendance were the various second cycle institutions, sister institutions such as Kumasi Technical University students, the media and the general public.

The department is scheduled to hold another Exhibition before the close of the year with some very interesting and fascinating projects.

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