kato chiefOtwaakwan Kwabena Diawuo Owusu, the Werempehene of the Berekum Traditional Area whom is also the Chief of Kato traditional area, has called on traditional leaders to exhibit their cultural values in their day to day activities. He said, “this will promote our rich cultural heritage as a country”.

In an interview with Berekumcity.com, His Royal Highness indicated that despite the various professions of our traditional leaders, they can inculcate relevant aspects of our culture in their choice of food and clothing and speech at their various scope of work for people to appreciate our culture.

He was reacting to the need for traditional leaders to showcase their culture on the world cultural diversity day which is observed on every 21st May annually.

He noted that if traditional leaders champion their cultural activities well it will fetch them and their communities’ revenue and external recognition.

Cultural activities like festivals, clothes and music can sell the rich cultural value of a community and also fetch them revenue. Festivals, tourist sites, traditional clothes, food and music are great sources of recognition and revenue if it is well managed and showcased, he indicated.

On the celebration, Mr. Raphael Godlove Ahenu, the Executive Director of Global Media Foundation, called on all, to acknowledge and tolerate the culture of other people. He added that, the surest way of peace is in diversity. “I frown on the idea of ethnic discrimination most especially when it comes to issues of marriage. Inter-ethnic marriage is a very strong tool to avert inter-ethnic or tribal war in a country”, he pointed out.

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