The district was carved from Sunyani and Dormaa Districts and named Berekum\Jaman district in July 1975. Jaman District was given the autonomy in September 1987 (currently Jaman North and South Districts) the district was given the municipal status in 2008.


  •   Policy implementation.
  •   Supervision of quality teaching and learning outcomes.


Forty-two (42) teaching staff and

Nineteen (19) non-teaching personnel.


Our aims are to implement the policies and guidelines of the Ghana Education service and Ministry of Education and to ensure that the four thematic areas are seriously attended to. These are:

1.            Equitable access to education.

2.            Quality teaching and learning.

3.            Education management.

4.            Science, technology and TVECT.




A.  Access in steadily improving

  • The enrolment figure has steadily risen from 4252 in the year, 2005 to 4932 in the year, 2008 at the kindergarten level.
  • Primary 12112 to 13423 for the same period.
  • JHS 5573 to 6135 for the same period.


B.  Quality teaching and learning improving the success story of the BECE since 2005.

  •   The district had 71% passes in 2005/2006 out of a total number of 2078sitters.
  •   75.25% in 2006/2007 out of 2173 candidates.
  •   81.2% in 2008/2009 out of 2851 candidates.

C.  School furniture is barely on is to one

D. The municipality is among the first three in all aspects of extra curricula activities in the region.



G.E.S, M.E.O, P.0.BOX 671,


0642 22315



  1. Inadequate funding of programmes for efficiency
  2. Inadequate library facilities.
  3. Library books for schools are not available.
  4. Lack of accommodation for teachers in deprived areas.
  5. Lack of computers for CP literacy programmes.
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