Controversial musician Wanlov the Kubolor stunned television viewers this weekend by accepting a challenge by a television show host and exposing his vital parts.

Wanlov, who was the guest on Deloris Frimpong Manso’s Delay show was quizzed by the host of the show how true some of the myths about him were – especially the one relating to him not wearing panties in public.

The Cos ov Moni star has over the years carved a niche for himself with his weird sense of fashion notably walking around barefooted and also wearing a scant piece of cloth round his waist and sometimes with a tie and shades to match.

Delay asked him whether it was true that he does walk around without panties adding she has been told that it was only a myth that he, Wanlov, does not wear panties.

With Wanlov stressing that he does not wear panties, Delay dared him to provide proof to back his claim, something he didn’t hesitate to do.

The member of the crazy duo, FOKN Bois, only needed an answer to how Delay wanted to see it, whether in a sitting or standing position. With an answer that he should ‘stand and show’, Wanlov quickly stood up to grant her that request.

But Wanlov did not give away the goodies instantly as he for the last time asked Delay again if he should lift his cloth up. Delay instead suggested that he should not lift the cloth but rather shake or jump for her to see things for herself.

Bent on proving he doesn't wear shorts, Wanlov ignored Delay's belated pleas and lifted his cloth to expose his hairy genitals to an obviously stunned Delay.

Right after that, Wanlov asked Delay if she was satisfied that he doesn't wear anything apart from the rag usually tied to his waist. A dumbfounded Delay mumbled an answer.

Asked why he does not wear panties, Wanlov said he does not like it adding, this is “free access, fresh air ...”

He was unperturbed when he was told that, the programme, which was pre-recorded will be shown on television.



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