African Screen goddess Genevieve Nnaji has mentioned that she represents the down trodden in society who cannot stand up for themselves and who due to either an under privileged upbringing are left behind. She was speaking exclusively to etv’s J.O.T. Agyeman on 100 Degrees.

Miss Nnaji who is in Ghana for the Premiere of her New Movie the Mirror Boy was overwhelmed when asked the question; what do you represent? She responded “I represent every young woman or man out there who feels they are not privileged enough, not educated enough, not beautiful enough, not exposed enough.”

In an interview which sprung surprises for not asking the many cliché questions normally asked on Talk Shows, Miss Nnaji reiterated her philosophy that you can only delay destiny but you can’t stop it when she spoke about her country Nigeria. A country where she admitted has several challenges which need attention. “Africans still have the colonial mentality” Genevieve said.

‘We seem to want approval from the ‘Almighty’ – not the one up there. The continent is divided and there is discrimination. We are our own natural disaster” This is the first full interview she has done in Ghana coming on the heels of the interview she granted CNN in London. Miss Nnaji also revealed her dislike for those who take advantage of others and ride on their backs to become successful.

The Award winning actress denied she had even been considered for a role in the new James Bond movie but said she would jump at a good script which for her was more important than who her co actors are in a movie.

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