Brief History

Amankokwaa is a small farming community in the Berekum municipality. These parents/farmers leave for their farms very early morning each day and leave their children to walk very long distances to the nearby schools.

Between the community and nearby schools accidents occur on the way. The establishment of the school has made education very accessible and affordable to the people.

Programs offered

Early childhood development center,

K.G one, two

Primary 1-6 canteen services

Computer services, French, bus services etc.

Number of staff

Ten workers (10) staff 


Empowering the children and preparing them to be responsible adults tomorrow. 


We create the future today. 


We have made education very accessible, affordable and community oriented.


P. O.BOX 260

Berekum, B/A-Amankokwaa.






Lack of funding: the parents are predominantly farmers with little income; payments of the little fees charged them become difficult for them to pay hence retard development.

Additional information

Most children in the school are needy and some orphans and not pay school fees .such children need assistance in the farm of support to enable them pursue their education to the highest level. 


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