Brief history

It started by a pastor with seven pupils and two benches in 1990. The school which was then a mother care soon became popular in town and at a point the attendance rose to a thousand pupils. Our performance since we started the BECE, we emerged first. At present we have our own site of about 4.5 acres of land. We have about 40 employees and a school bus.


Nursery and Basic education

40 number of teaching and non- teaching staff.


To develop our children into good fearing citizens capable of taking over our mantle when we are gone.


Lift up a standard for the people Is 62:10


Since we entered the BECE race in the municipality, we have always been among the best 10. When we go for quiz competitions, we have always excelled.


Grace Crèche and preparatory school

Box 316, Berekum

Located at Mpatasie, Berekum.




  • Failure of parents/guardian to pay their wads fees leading yo financing the school occasionally through loans.
  • Problems of putting up a better infrastructure.
  • Lack of text books from GES.
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