Outreach Ministry

HOPE Outreach Ministry

Africa’s HOPE Outreach ministry to prisoners in Ghana will include Transformational and Incarnational Bible studies, counseling, mentoring and job skills training. When funding becomes available, we will include remedial classes for junior and high school drop outs.

We are in the process of acquiring 50-100 acres of land where prisoners could work and produce food to feed themselves and others in Ghana’s prisons. We have plans to ship clothes to prisoners in Ghana. We also want to start a food pantry program to supplement the little food provided by the government at the Sunyani Regional Correctional Center for men and women.

AfriHOPE Missions now has the full support and the blessing of the Ghana Prison service to begin actual ministry in any of their prisons. I met with the Director-General and the Commandant of the Training school and we have their blessing to enter there for ministry.

Campus Ministry

Ministry to students in tertiary institutions in Ghana has gone past harvest time. The reason is because the workers are fewer but the populations on campuses continue to grow. Ministry to our college students is quite ripe. It is indeed crucial since the colleges and universities produce the crucible of Ghana’s potential leaders and its work force.

Though, corruption is supposedly not part of the formal academic curriculum, graduates manage to acquire the techniques before they hit the job scene. In Autumn 2008, Africa’s HOPE will go to Sunyani Polytechnic in the Brong Ahafo Regional capital to begin campus ministry there.

The funding for this program was provided by Church of the Savior Missions Department (COSMOS). The program is code-named Covenant Keepers Fellowship. It will require all participants to engage in a 4-way covenant with: Self, God, Family and Others.

We will use various study materials and general topics that are relevant to the needs of the participants. We will study biblical books like the Proverbs, Romans and some selected books such as Maxwell’s “Thinking for a Change”, Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life.” We will also talk about life skills and job readiness from biblical perspectives.