Gov. Leader S.P.A.C.E. Center

We have set up a computer learning center which I have named after former Gov. Leader of Pennsylvania who has single handedly carried this ministry to where we are today on his back with the help of his family and he hasn’t stopped…. The center is called Gov. George M. Leader S.P.A.C.E Center (SPACE stands for Strategic Poverty and Corruption Eradication).

The Center is furnished with computers to train the people so they may travel from their rural communities of despair and deprivation to the global village of varied opportunities via the information super highway. We hope to offer correspondence programs to our students in the future.

The King’s Birthday Celebration

The 1st King’s Birthday Christmas party for children was a huge success. Though, the publicity was somewhat on the low side, the turn up was still huge. My friends kept telling me not to announce it over the airwaves else, we couldn’t feed the children that would come.

They were so right! We had over 800 children that came and may be about 150 adults who stood outside the gates. Occasionally, you have a few adults who manage to enter the party hall to sneak out one or two take-away bowls of rice. The children that came enjoyed it so much.

After they had eaten, they danced and were merry. In the end each child that was present received a gift of clothes to take home. And that was how that day ended---December 25, 2007.

Fountain of HOPE Well Water Project

Through Gov. Leader’s financial, moral and spiritual support, Africa’s HOPE (AfriHOPE Missions) is drilling boreholes in the Berekum district of Ghana. Gov. & Mrs. Leader and their children funded a 20 W Bucyrus Erie Rig which arrived in Ghana in the summer of 2007. Our goal is to make water readily available to rural folks most of whom die as a result of parasites in the streams they drink from.

The problem of clean drinking water in Ghana is linked up in many ways to the proper and healthy development of children and the reduction of the high mortality rate resulting from many different diseases including AIDS, Malaria, cholera, guinea worm, etc.

Covenant Keepers Club

This is Africa’s HOPE’s children’s ministry. We want to catch them while they are still young so we can shape their thinking before they are corrupted. We want to start training them in the things of the Lord while they are still young so they may stick with it when they are old ( Prov 22:6).

We must lead them to the Lord before the days are evil. Along those lines, Africa’s HOPE is sponsoring a football club for boys called Covenant Keepers Club which meets those children at their point of interest.

HOPE Children’s Hospital

We have bought 11.5 acres of land near Berekum to build a children’s hospital. Childhood diseases and poor healthcare account for many of the deaths that occur among children before age 5. We are praying to God for funding to start building soon.