To proclaim and teach the truth of God in Word, Sacrament and Deed with courage and boldness through the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

Our Vision:

• To Heal society’s brokenness and despair.

• To create Opportunities for the less fortunate ones.

• To Proclaim the truth which is able to set captives free.

• To Empower needy Families.

Our Goal:

To build Hospitals and health posts where rural folks may receive quality health care at affordable cost.

To establish Schools that will undo the mis-education of our children in areas of religious, moral, social, intellectual, and psychological development.

To plant, grow and support Churches that honor Christ and the truth of His Gospel. To encourage a new spiritual and moral awakening. To raise a new breed of Christians who practice and apply their faith rather than simply take in information.

Africa’s HOPE is committed to Humility, Integrity and Truthfulness (HIT Policy). We practice zero tolerance for corruption. Our actions are filtered through the absolute truth of God’s Word. We are encouraged to press on in the light of God’s promises through His Word.