Adom widows club is a non-profit organization registered with the registrars general’s department with number G.32-725. It has been in a existence for the past three years, but was incorporated on June 10, 2010.

Adom widows club to the fore from the ingenuity of Mrs. Ernestina Frimpong

Reasons for the establishment

Having experienced hardship in life as child, the president, Mrs Enestina Frimpong decided that singly handedly, she would support widows and orphans in within her neighborhood. Later, she decided to extend her philanthropically work to the entire community of Berekum and beyond.


To seek the welfare of widows

To train widows to be self-employed

To support widows and orphans by supplying them with their basic needs

To take care of orphans in school and cater for others to learn trade

To get lawyers for members in legal matters


Currently the club has about 200 widows and about 30 orphans who are being fully catered for. The members are found in the Berekum and its surrounding villages.


All funding comes from the president’s personal coffers. It would be much appreciated if anybody would support these widows through donations.


Currently, Adom widows club is taking care of 4 Junior High School children and 6 senior high school children in their educational pursuit.

A number of the members are also learning various trades, such as dress making and beauticians

Some of the widows are also into palm oil production to help sustain themselves and their families.

There are some older women who by virtue of their age cannot work; such persons are supported financially to take care of all their basic needs.


There are a lot of women who are living in dilapidated structures and would need urgent help.




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