Introduction is a non-profit making organization founded by Marvin Appiah Osei and Theodora Pokua Brefo, registered (Reg.# G.30,193) as a company limited by guarantee and aimed at promoting and portraying Berekum municipality to the international community. It focuses on providing all the information anybody will need to know about Berekum, whether a tourist or an investor and especially citizens who are away from the municipality. also has membership, who design and implement various projects specifically aimed at developing people and communities to achieve greater heights, thus building a better place for all. Organizational structure

Advisory Board

Executive Council
Ordinary Members
Associate members
Honorary Members

Ordinary Membership
Student membership (SHS, just completed SHS)
Full membership (tertiary students, completed tertiary) 

Associate Membership
Unqualified for ordinary membership

Honorary membership
Will be decided as at when the need arises

Site Manager
Information Collection
Legal adviser

All offices

Others as when necessary
Signatories to account
Member ship subscriptions requirements (qualification and fees)
Disciplinary code

Membership Incentives

  • Remuneration for all officers except Executive council members who are officers.

  • Free access to all our facilities for members

  • Free/special discount on rates of our programs.

  • Frequent leadership, inspirational and motivational seminars for our members

  • Special incentives for students.

  • Annual dinner


  • To enable the people living outside Berekum to access all the information they need to know about Berekum municipality

  • To enable citizens and stakeholders of Berekum municipality to know exactly what is happening in Berekum

  • To enable citizens and stakeholders of Berekum to come together and build a better place to live in-now.

  • To inspire and motivate the youth to lead and participate in the development of their communities and people, thus building a better place for all.

  • To enable citizens accept their community and make a better place to live and enjoy.


  • To become the best online portal for all information on the Berekum municipality in the world in five years.

  • To bring all stakeholders together to help in building a better place for us all within the next three years

  • To provide exceptional leaders to lead our communities and country through followship and leadership trainings in the next five to ten years

  • To motivate and inspire individuals to help appreciate and accept who they are and encourage them to reach greater heights through example of others and various outreachs

  • To make Berekum municipality the best place to live in the next ten years.


  • Initiation

  • Dynamism

  • Versatility

  • Unity

  • Accountability

  • Credibility

  • Humility

  • Integrity

  • Discipline

Site Content has contents such as; 

This contains municipal News, Sports News, National News, International new and Entertainment News. This section is aimed at giving the site’s visitors all the latest news especially in the municipality.

This is aimed at providing all the necessary information one needs to know about the various educational institutions in the municipality. Information on JHS, SHS and tertiary institutions are available here .People from different parts of the country will know the achievements, goals and challenges.

Government agencies

All government in institutions are covered here; from the Police service to the Municipal assembly.

This section is available to help people know the locations of various health facilities and the means of accessing them easily hence encourage people to take advantage of the various facilities at their disposal.

Here all projects going on in the municipality is covered. The objective is to know the status of various projects impacting on the lives of the people Berekum and to encourage other project for the betterment of the various communities.

Businesses in the municipality are promoted through this channel and the various investment opportunities available in the municipality

Various hospitality services in the municipality such as hotels, restaurants are covered here.

Partners (NGOs)
The role played by various non-governmental organizations are focused and encouraged in this section. Their profiles are also covered.

The three main media houses, Christ FM, Shalom Radio and Agoro FM, promoting and taking Berekum across borders are given a column here. Their profile and their articles are accessible here. Planning is ongoing to stream live radio for the FM stations.

The history of the people of Berekum, the political history of Berekum and the topography is covered here.

All issues of sports are covered here, ranging from information on Berekum Arsenal, division one and two teams to the stadium and various league tables.

The MCE’s corner and the MP’s corner are designed to receive all messages our two political leaders have for us. The traditional council corner will be added soon.

Various religious institutions such as churches and mosques are covered here.

Funding for the development, hosting and maintenance of the site and the organization comes from various donors and adverts run on the site.

The three media house will be in charge of the News and Media sections.
Sports journalist from the three media house will handle the sports section.
A donation from all entities will be required in order to publish information on the portal.
Conclusion is for all and especially the people of Berekum, all contributions are welcome.

Box 529
Berekum, B/A, Ghana

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